• Toolbar to access important screens
  • Double Click blue text to navigate to relvant screen or launch VOIP call or email
  • Create and track Invoices within database
  • Remote access to database from any location with internet access
  • Live support: connect to one of our technicians from a button in the toolbar

  • Download the Pipeline Manual here - 6.4 MB PDF File

  • First screen shown after opening database
  • Free notes for Company and Consultant
  • Consultant's active jobs
  • Consultant's call list
  • Consultant's New Contacts
  • Company wide Hot Candidates

  • Dashboard for shareware recruitment database, showing active jobs, call-back list, new contacts and hot candidates

  • All Contact's personal and work information on one page
  • Search for and Add Candidates from the same place - eliminate duplicates
  • Launch a VOIP call, or an outlook email by double-clicking phone or email field
  • Link candidates to jobs and floats
  • Send CV to client via email at the touch of a button
  • Reference Check in the database
  • View all Candidates sent to a Client Contact
  • View timesheet / pay history for a contractor

  • Contact page for Pipeline; Microsoft Access 2007 Recruitment Software, showing contact information, conversation notes etc. Double click phone number to launch VOIP call. Double Click email address to launch email

    Recruitment Software, Free to try. Contact Screen showing jobs  and reference checks associated with this candidate

  • Call back list - calls to make
  • List of recent calls
  • New Contacts and Hot Candidates

  • Shareware Recruitment Database; List of calls to make, recently made calls, new contacts and hot candidates

  • Search for contacts by name and skills
  • Search all recorded conversations
  • Search Jobs / Candidates sent

  • Recruitment Software with easy to use and comprehensive search facility, search skills and even search within conversation notes

  • Interviews
  • Forwards - Candidates placed in job, yet to start
  • Starters - Candidates placed in job, started in last 3 months
  • Contractors - Consultant's active contractors

  • Cheap Recruitment Software shows all active interviews, forwards, new starters and contractors at a glance on one convenient screen

  • List of all of the companies contractors / temps - access timesheet entry from this screen
  • List of all outstanding wages to contractors / temps

  • Cheap Recruitment Software allows comprehensive management of contract / temp staff, including sending invoices and tracking payments

  • Company Address and General Notes
  • Contact details for Clients
  • Log of all Conversations with Company Contacts
  • Lists of Active Jobs and All Jobs
  • Lists of All Candidates Sent to this Company

  • Company screen for Pipeline recruitment software, showing main company details and employees

    Pipeline Recruitment Software, showing jobs associated with company

  • Link Candidates to Jobs
  • After completing interivew date / time an email is sent to client and candidate with date, time, address etc. The interview time is also added to your Outlook Calendar
  • After completing rejection date an email is sent to candidate informing them they have not been successful
  • Emails are only sent after user confirmation

  • Recruitment Database; Pipeline by DataHouseSoftware. Job screen; select candidates, arrange interviews, email interview confirmation to clients and candidates at the click of a mouse

  • Quick view of all unpaid invoices
  • All invoices paid between specified dates

  • Shareware Recruitment Database; Finances screen; Review paid and unpaid invoices

  • Define company information here. Appears on invoices, in emails etc
  • Define security level for each consultant

  • Cheap Recruitment Software with central definition of consultants and consultancy details

  • Simple list of reports available
  • Double click to launch

  • Recruitment Database Software with comprehensive reports for fees, consultant activity, contractor wages etc

    Custom Database

    Talk to us about developing a database application to suit your business