Features - Sales Quotes

  • Choose Salesperson and Customer from List (no double entry)
  • Choose Products from list (no double entry)
  • Use standard or non-standard pricing
  • Record important dates (enquiry date, dated quoted, forecast date, sale date etc)
  • Keep project notes
  • Calculates total value
  • Print Quote with one button click (example quote)
  • Multiple currencies for Sales and Quotes
Invoicing / Sales Order screen for shareware Sales / Quotes and Contact management database

Quotations are sales without an order and as such they are a vitally important part of any business. If your company is getting the pre-sales part of the business cycle right, then the rest of the business stands a better chance of succeeding too.

DataHouse offers two main tools for quotations; the first is the quotation data entry screen where you can enter details about the quote and print a copy of the quotation, and the second is the reports available to help you target your efforts towards your best customers.

In the data entry screen you select the customer from a list, and all their details such as Company and address are filled in automatically. No time is wasted finding information or writing it out again. Similarly you select products from a list, and then simply assign a quantity and a sell price to each. Salesperson, Currency and Terms are also all selected from their own lists. Then at the click of a button your quote is prepared ready to print and send to your customer. Using this approach all quotes are consistently of a high quality. Even the ones you have to prepare in an instant.

The other main tool is the reporting available on your quotations. DataHouse provides a summary report on all quotations between two dates that you specify, which lists all Quotes by Country, Date and Product Group. DataHouse provides a seperate report on all open quotations, so you always know what opportunities need following up.

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