Features - Item Master

  • Search by keyword
  • Organise by Category
  • Auto-Generated and alternative part numbers
  • 3 level pricing for price lists etc
  • Short and Long descriptions
  • Relate documents to parts
  • Calculated Costs and Margins
  • Keep stocktake information
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • View Item Activity (goods due in / out)
Item Master screen for Inventory & Products database: DataHouse

Most companies are in the business of buying and selling goods and services. If you would like to have all the information relating to a product shown on your computer screen at the click of a button, would that make your working day easier?

The different tabbed pages of the DataHouse Item Master screen group together the different relationships between the product and the other parts of your business it relates to.
For instance "Costing" shows the last 5 Purchase Orders, calculates an average cost price, has fields where you can input the sell prices for the item, and then calculates the margins for you.
"Stock Levels" Shows the Qty On hand right now, the date of the last stock take, and future activity for that particular item

Products are of course at the heart of a business, and where you need to refer to a product in another section of the database, you can always access it using a simple drop down menu.

Each part has both a Major category and a SubCategory, which means that when you use the powerful built-in reports in DataHouse you can analyse your sales to be sure of what your most profitable types of goods really are.

The Item Master module in DataHouse can handle services as well as physical goods.

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