DataHouse is a business software database running on MS Access which offers Customer, Supplier and Product information, and allows you to create, track and analyse Quotes, Sales and Invoicing and Purchases. DataHouse is cheap enough for any business to afford, simple enough for anyone to use and yet packed with useful features and reports. It is used by companies around the world to help them run their businesses.

The key advantages of using DataHouse to help run your business are

  • Increased speed through reduced double handling
  • Improved accuracy, by using information stored in your database
  • Comprehensive reporting on sales, stock, forecastst etc

DataHouse - Shareware Invoicing Database, Contact History & Management and More.

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE:BDX) is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products.
BD has spent the last 5 years and 100’s of millions of dollars converting it’s worldwide operations to the massive SAP software system to integrate and run it’s entire business. Being an international corporation with business segments in almost every country in the world, SAP fell short in several sectors. This sent divisions scrambling for solutions since legacy systems had been shutdown and dismantled, SAP programming budgets have run dry. We evaluated 21 different software packages to keep our business running efficiently, Datahouse beat them all. Off the shelf it met almost every need we had. We chose to invest in customizing Datahouse to blend in a seamless part of the SAP system. This integration into our workflow filled the gap and corrected deficiencies, which would have cost us our ISO 9001 certification.
Even though we are located in America, the Datahouse support team is only an email away. I have even found that the difference in Time Zones has worked to our advantage, an email sent as my working day ends results in a response and solution when I returned the next morning. It’s like having a programming staff to stay late and address my needs. Programming rates are reasonable and requests for customization have been met with speed and professionalism. Support questions have been addressed and answered with such ease and courtesy that it rivals that of an on staff programming team. We welcome Datahouse as a Partner in our New World vision of “Helping All People Live Healthy Lives”.

Terry R Wood
BD Diagnostic Systems
Grayson, Georgia USA

We searched the internet looking for a program to handle our database requirements and have found nothing that compares to DATAHOUSE. We needed a program that would track and follow our RFQ’s Purchase Orders, Invoices, Company Contacts and Parts. We highly recommend DATAHOUSE SOFTWARE to anyone searching for a program to track a company’s day to day business and have instant feedback (support) for any problem encountered in usage and modification.

Ronald Coupe
Challenger International Inc
Houston Texas 77041

Our reasons for choosing Datahouse are threefold:

1) Price, we do not have financial resources permitting much fantasy
2) Functionality and simplicity – we need to track sales and orders and not become the victim of a fashion object, however beautiful the charts and graphs
3) “Standards” – even though ms-access is not standard, many people have it in their office package and even a runtime is available, making it easy to install, use and adapt or tweak by Datahouse or other people who know how to use and program ms-access
We have tried several packages, whereof those running under Outlook, Siebel (too Expensive and fancy), Oracle (ASP on the web) and others. For those who choose functionality compared to price, Datahouse seems a very sensible choice.

Mike Van Eck
Skills & Tools
Geneva, Switzerland

"I love the way I can print a quote and price list w/the pictures, this leaves no question as to what the customer is getting or what our purchasing department is supposed to buy."

Robert Spiva
Exiss Aluminum Trailers, Inc.
Oklahoma, USA

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