• Toolbar to access important screens
  • Double Click blue text to navigate to relvant screen or launch VOIP call or email
  • Create and track Invoices within database
  • Live support: connect to one of our technicians from a button in the toolbar

  • Multiple addresses per company (internal and external)
  • Multiple contacts per company address
  • Email & phone details per contact & company
  • Double click to send email via Outlook
  • Company, Contact, & History views
  • Search & retrieve of companies or contacts
  • Filter Contacts list
  • Export Contact lists for mail merge etc
  • Easy customisation by us or you
  • Print Contact History for Current Contact with one button click
  • Print Contact History for Filtered Contacts with one button click
  • Print Phone List for one Company with one button click
  • More...

  • Company screen for shareware contact management database, showing company and contact details Contact screen shareware contact management database, showing contact details and call history

  • Choose Salesperson and Customer from List (no double entry)
  • Choose Products from list (no double entry)
  • Use standard or non-standard pricing
  • Record important dates (enquiry date, dated quoted, forecast date, sale date etc)
  • Keep project notes
  • Calculates total value
  • Print Quote with one button click (example quote)
  • Print Invoice with one button click (example invoice)
  • Multiple currencies for Sales and Quotes
  • More Invoicing ...
  • More Quotations ...

  • Sales Order screen shareware contact management database, showing items selected from the database and added to the sales order / quote

  • Document numbering system
  • Store and retrieve document information
  • Assign documents to Products
  • Search for keywords
  • More...

  • Search by keyword
  • Organise by Category
  • Auto-Generated and alternative part numbers
  • 3 level pricing for price lists etc
  • Short and Long descriptions
  • Relate documents to parts
  • Calculated Costs and Margins
  • Keep stocktake information
  • View Item Activity (goods due in / out)
  • More...

  • Item Master screen for DataHouse, shareware inventory management and quotation database

    In built report menu in DataHouse, the shareware Contact Management, Inventory Management and Sales / Quotation Database
    Reports (Some Examples)
  • 3 Tier Price List
  • Balance Sheet
  • Sales Report by Date
  • More...

  • Custom Database

    Talk to us about developing a database application to suit your business